Professional Action Commitees

Our Professional Action Commitees will work to address racial equity and social injustices in the following areas:

  • Juvenile and Criminal Justice
  • Chair: Vanessa Bethea-Miller, M.A., BCBA, LBS
  • The purpose of this PAC is to:
    • Address issues in racial disparity when it comes to sentencing, arrests, and the overrepresentation of minorities throughout both systems
    • Provide training and support to local law enforcement agencies, correction facilities, etc. based on the principles of behavior analysis
    • Provide assessment and treatment for at-risk youth
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in ABA
  • Chairs: Landria Seals Green, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCBA, LBS & Robin Williams, M.S., BCBA
  • The purpose of this PAC is to:
      • Improve professional understanding of critical race theory, DEI
      • Expand and broaden DEI to include discussions about practical inclusion ableism, race, culture, LGBTQ from a work place, parent family support perspective
      • Support the community of behavior scientists in realizing their responsibility to seeing DEI in all the spaces of ABA across
  • Clinical Research
  • Chair: TBD
  • The purpose of this PAC is to:
      • Improve practitioner engagement in single and multiple baseline designs  in clinical practice
      • Engage members in opportunities to ‘think and act’ like researchers in clinical practice
      • Lead discussion in guided feedback in formation of practitioner presentations
      • Liaise and partner with university labs and research and practitioners for the formation and promotion
  • Business Leadership
  • Chair: Angelica Gray, M.A., BCBA
  • Health Equity
  • Child Advocacy and Development

Becoming a PAC Chair

The PAC Chair role is a formal voluntary role.  Membership and webinar attendance for all Taskforce CEU events is provided to team members at no cost. As the PAC Chair, you will be the direct liaison to the ABA Taskforce leadership

  • Develop relevant CEU opportunities for the Taskforce at large
  • Explore research, practicum, or clinical opportunities for members
  • Liaise with external organizations within behavior science or allied disciplines for the promotion of behavior analysis and community benefit-impact
  • CEU- Membership Education:
  • Provide speaker topics and speakers (within and outside of the field of Behavior Analysis) related to the PAC specific area five times per year.

If you are interested in becoming a chair to one of our groups without a chair, please feel free to contact us.

About Our Co-Founders

Vanessa Bethea-Miller


Vanessa Bethea-Miller is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and PA Licensed Behavior Specialist. Vanessa is the founder of Bethea-Miller Behavioral Consulting and Shaping Tomorrow Child Care Services, an ABA based daycare and preschool.

Landria Seals Green


Landria Seals Green is the founder and Executive Director of Momentum Autism Therapy Services based in Southeast Michigan and Principal Consultant at Landria Green,PLLC.

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